Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing #23

I found that many parts of this challange interesting some of which I would use
again. A few parts I don't think I would use, silnce I don't have a home computer
and time to use the computer at work it limited. It was interesting to learn all the different tools available such as downloading a picture and a book. It also
made available a link to subjects that are of interest to me such as quilting,knitting,cooking and gardening. I didn't learn many different websites
of which I was not aware of before this challange.

Thing #22

I searched for books by Janet Evanovich and looked for one that was available.I choose Motor Mouth.Checked to cart and proceeded to check out.Logged in library card
number. confirmed check out and then checked download because overdrive was already
installed on computer.I found there were 5 parts chich took nearly one hour to download. I don't usually listen to books on audio but think it is a useful thing
to know how to do should I choose to use it sometime.

Thing #21

powered by ODEO

I had quite a problem getting into odeo I had searched for quilting but could not
access that subject. I then searched movies and accessed Sweeney Todd which I have seen the movie. I thing I would listen to Ipod again searching different subjects.

Thing #20

I looked for an ivory soap commerical from 1965 which I remembered from when I
was younger. Since it was quite some time ago it brought back old memories.The commericals today are quite different. We also looked at the videos on YouTube
on which you can view programs and shows this is useful to see things going on
in other libraries.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing #19

I looked at Zillow the real estate website and looked up my address, the photo showed the house and driveway with our two cars. I found this to be very funny.

Thing #18

It think that it is great having this available for free rather that having to pay
hundreds of dollars.

Thing #17

I played in the sandbox and listed my favorite ice cream which is chocolate marshmallow. It would be helpful to have a shelvers manuel to co-ordinate input from other people as to the proper way to handle this job.